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Nachfolgender Link öffnet ein Pupup-Fenster für diese Website.Christine Wallin-Felkner

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Company history

2014 New CEO: Peter Kreitmeier and Regine Ceglarek
2012 30 years of itl, Founding of itl Linz
2011 Founding of itl AG in Kreuzlingen Switzerland
2007 25 years of itl
2006 Founding of itl Technology Center GmbH in Cottbus
2004 Founding of itl OHG Cottbus
2002 Development and publication of the One World Publishing Concept
2000 Establishment of the Competence Center in Stuttgart with a focus on editing and visualization
1999 Certification as an Adobe Authorized Training Center
1994 itl is one of the first service providers to be certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 for technical documentation and translation
1991 Founding of itl GmbH Austria in Vienna
1988 With its takeover of brt., itl expands its offering to include a production department for typesetting and layout.
1986 itl expands its service portfolio to include a full-time training program for technical writers. itl establishes the itl Academy.
1984 itl expands its service portfolio to include a Training and Seminars division.
1982 Christine Wallin-Felkner founds itl AG in Munich as a service provider for technical documentation and translation.