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Automating FrameMaker with the [i]-frame FrameScript solution

itl’s [i]-frame solution offers a comprehensive FrameScript collection that makes working in FrameMaker easier and offers complete support to the FrameMaker user for the creation of documents.

Not only can [i]-frame be used to support routine documentation tasks, it can also be implemented for specialized requirements. Examples include document clean-up, quality assurance using check routines, development and maintenance of templates and variables, and improved creation of foreign-language documents.

The use of FrameScripts requires the FrameMaker plugin “FrameScript”. (Information and ordering details for the plug-in are found at External link opening in new window External link opening in new window.Finite Matters Ltd. or External Link. External link opening in new window.CAP Studio).

itl can also develop customized script solutions for your specific FrameMaker requirements.