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Convert Char Code (up to FM8)


Problem description

Up to FrameMaker 7 (and its limitation to only be able to display characters from other code pages through virtual fonts), the character value must occasionally be determined for different requirements in the two encodings (Windows and FrameRoman). This is not possible with FrameMaker 7 itself.

There is no option in the Unicode capable FrameMaker 8 to identify the character value of a selected character, either.

Function description

The script displays the decimal and hexadecimal value of a character in a non-modal dialog (Windows and FrameRoman encoding) and vice versa.

When the ‘Text Selection’ option is enabled, the character (and its character value) that is selected in the document will be displayed.

Up to FrameMaker 7 (use of virtual fonts), the hex and decimal value of the character will be displayed in both encodings.

FrameScript Convert Char Code

FrameMaker 8 will only display the Unicode hex and decimal value of the character.

FrameScript Convert Char Code

Since FrameMaker 9, the selected characters (and their character value) can be identified using the ‘File > Utilities > Hex Input’ command.

FrameScript Convert Char Code

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  • FrameMaker 6.0 to 8.0
  • FrameScript/ElmScript 4.1 or higher


The script works with structured and unstructured documents.

See OWP-Palette und Report: CharList.

Since FM9 this script is disabled by default.

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