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In Book Window, Display File Name Only


Problem description

FrameMaker will display the path of the book components relative to the book folder in the book window.

If the book contains documents from different folders (or the paths of the subfolders are long), the book window must be made relatively large to be able to see the file names.

FrameScript Display Book Comp Name

Function description

The script enables the display of the file name without path in the book window.

The ‘Display heading text’ book option is used to do this. Normally, this option is used to display the content of the first document paragraph.

The menu command functions as a switch. The current status is indicated by a checkmark in front of the command.

FrameScript Display Book Comp Name

After the option has been enabled, only the file name of the book component will be displayed in the book window.

In this mode, the book components are preceded by ‘FN:’ .

FrameScript Display Book Comp Name

The ‘Display filenames’ or ‘Display heading text’ button in the book window (switch) can be pressed to switch between the display of the relative path of the book component (1) and the display of the entire file path (2).

FrameScript Display Book Comp Name

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  • FrameMaker 6.0 or higher
  • FrameScript/ElmScript 4.1 or higher


The script works with structured and unstructured documents.

When a book component is moved in the book window, FrameMaker will assign the text of the first paragraph in the main text flow to the ‘heading text’ again. The same applies to newly added book components.

After the book has been updated (with enabled ‘Display File Names Only’ script option), only the file name will be displayed in the book window again.

After the ‘Display File Names Only’ script option has been disabled, the display in the book window will not be refreshed (display of the text of the first paragraph in the main text flow) until the book has been updated.

Since FM9 this script is disabled by default.

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