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Tile Book Windows (up to FM8)


Problem description

Until FrameMaker 8, a book window does not have a different status than a document window. A book window can thus be easily hidden if multiple documents are open.

If a lot of document windows are open, the book window can often only be ‘found’ by moving all document windows to the side or by performing a cumbersome search for the book using the Window menu and selecting it.

Function description

If a book is open, the script will pull it to the front (in front of all document windows).

When multiple books are open, the book windows are brought to the front and arranged side-by-side.

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  • FrameMaker 6.0 or higher
  • FrameScript/ElmScript 4.1 or higher


The script works with structured and unstructured documents.

Since FrameMaker 9, the book window can be positioned independently
from the document windows without being covered up by them.

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