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[i]-frame modules

itl offers four [i]-frame modules.

[i]-frame Base Pack

The Base Pack contains scripts that make general tasks with FrameMaker easier.

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[i]-frame Quality Pack

The Quality Pack supports you with quality assurance tasks for documents and books.

Nachfolgend websiteinterner Link. Quality Pack

[i]-frame Extended Pack

The Extended Pack contains scripts for variable management, template development and other special solutions.

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[i]-frame Translation Pack

The Translation Pack optimizes the preparation and post-processing of your foreign language documents in FrameMaker.

Nachfolgend websiteinterner Link. Translation Pack

All modules can be delivered separately or as a bundle. The use of [i]-frame requires the FrameMaker plug-in “FrameScript”. (Information and ordering details for the plug-in are found at External link opening in new window External link opening in new window.Finite Matters Ltd. or External Link. External link opening in new window.CAP Studio).