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[i]-frame Base Pack

The Base Pack contains scripts that make general tasks with FrameMaker easier. It contains the following FrameScripts:

Internal linkSort Paragraph Sections
Sorts a document or a selected range alphabetically based on a selected paragraph format.

Internal linkOpen All Files in Book
Opens all documents of a book without showing the individual error messages. Only one final message containing all errors that occurred will be displayed.

Internal linkDocTOC
Inserts or updates one or more (document) tables of contents in the current document (or in all book documents) and fixes line breaks.

Internal linkOpen Doc Folder
Opens the folder of the current document or book in Windows Explorer.

Internal linkGo to Page
Permits direct switching to a certain page of a book from any document or book window.

Internal linkScale Graphics Proportionally
Allows additional functions for scaling graphics. The script can be used to adjust the graphic to the frame or the frame to the graphic. Alternatively, you can specify the width or height of the graphic. The script also permits the automatic adjustment of the graphic to the frame during import.

Internal linkMulti Catalog
A variety of format lists are consolidated in a (non-modal) space-saving dialog so that a comfortable assignment of paragraph and character formats is available as well as settings for variables and page breaks.

Internal linkTable Navigation
Permits navigation in tables using the arrow keys (such as in Word).

Nachfolgend websiteinterner Link.Pack & Go
Facilitates the archiving/copying of the current document or book with all reference files (graphics/text insets).

Internal linkSort Table Rows
Sorts table rows; as an option you can include empty cells. Language-specific sorting orders are thereby taken into consideration. The script does not delete cross-reference markers in the tables.

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