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DocTOC – Generate chapter tables of content


Problem description

FrameMaker supports up to FM12 only one main table of contents per book. Automatically generated chapter tables of content are not supported.

FrameMaker can be used to manually generate chapter tables of contents through text insets or cross-references; however, this is rather cumbersome.

The main problem with cross-references is the lack of an option to prevent line break errors:

  • Headings run into the area of the page numbers
  • Page numbers are not right-aligned correctly.
[i]-frame Doc TOC

These errors also occur in the book table of contents and must be corrected manually after each book update.

From FM2015 onwards, FrameMaker can also insert a mini table of contents into individual chapters, but with limited functionality compared to this script.

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Function description

  • The script will insert or update one or more (document) tables of contents in the current document (or in all book documents).
  • There is an option to automatically update all document tables of contents (hereafter ‘DocTOC’s’) when the book is updated.
  • Incorrect line breaks are automatically cleaned up in the DocTOCs by forcing a specified minimum right margin. Optionally, this is also done in the standard table of contents of an FM book.

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  • FrameMaker 6.0 or higher
  • FrameScript/ElmScript 4.1 or higher
  • DocTOC.ini must be located in the document or book folder. The DocTOC.ini file that is located in the script folder serves as a sample only and will not be used by the script.


  • This script can only be used to insert DocTOCs in unstructured documents.
  • Only paragraphs in the main text flow, tables and the main text flow of text insets will be considered.
    The script will not consider paragraphs in anchored or unanchored frames.

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