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Multi Catalog


Function description

A variety of format lists are consolidated in a (non-modal) space-saving dialog.

In addition, some settings are available that can only be accessed with FrameMaker 7/8 through different modal dialogs.

The following catalogs or settings can be displayed in the Multi Catalog through the corresponding buttons:

  • Paragraph formats
  • ƒ Character formats
  • V Variable definitions
  • MP Master pages
  • PB Page break settings
[i]-frame MultiCatalog

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Differences to the corresponding FM catalogs

  • Immediate display of the format selected in the document
  • Additional information for some format values
  • Display of the complete format names (variable dialog size)
  • Application of a format with double-click instead of single-click
  • Page Break: Combined display from different FM dialogs:
    • Automatic display of paragraph or table specific settings
    • Widow/Orphan Lines (‘W/O’) from the Paragraph Designer dialog
    • Orphan Rows (‘OR’) from the Table Designer dialog
    • Paragraph placement from the Page Break or Paragraph Designer dialog
    • Table row beginning from the Row Format dialog
    • Keep paragraphs or rows together with previous/next
    • Identification of the break-specific format setting with overrides

      Here: The paragraph format defines ‘Start: Anywhere’ and ‘Keep With Next Pgf’. Both settings are overridden (Start: ‘Top of Column’).
    • Removal of all break-specific format overrides

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Dialog elements

The following buttons are available in the lower area of the Multi Catalog:

Delete: Delete the format selected in the list

Edit (Variables Catalog only): Edit variable definitions

R: Refresh Format List

F: Enable/disable filter function

G: Enable/disable grouping function

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Format groups

The formats can be sorted in user-defined groups in the format lists.

The dialog for defining the groups is displayed by the ‘Grp’ button.

[i]-frame MultiCatalog

New groups are created with the ‘New’ button. When a group is selected, formats that have not yet been assigned can be selected from the list on the right and assigned to the group using the « button.

[i]-frame Multi Catalog

When the ‘Show Groups in Format List’ option is enabled, the group names will be displayed in the format lists (1).

When the ‘Display Groups Separately (DropDown)’ option is enabled, the format lists can either display individual (2) or all groups (3).

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Format filter

The formats in the format lists can be filtered.

The display of the filter can be enabled or disabled using the ‘F’ button on the lower edge of the Multi Catalog.

Note: There is always a differentiation between upper case and lower case spelling for filters. The following example only displays formats for which the name contains an upper case W:


Examples of different settings:

: Show only formats that begin with an upper case W

: Show only formats that contain an upper case W

: Show only formats that don't contain an upper case W

: Do not filter the format list

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If the documents contain very large format lists (e.g.several thousand), drops in performance may occur in conjunction with format groups. You may possibly have to do without the use of format groups.


  • FrameMaker 6.0 or higher
  • FrameScript/ElmScript 4.1 or higher


The script works with structured and unstructured documents.

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