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Sort Table Rows


Problem description

When sorting a table, FrameMaker deletes cross-reference markers that are located in the table (i.e. cross-references that reference a table paragraph thus become unresolved). This has been fixed since FrameMaker 10.

Some languages require a different sorting order (even though they use the same code page). FrameMaker sorts the paragraphs according to the Windows ‘Regional Options’. The respective paragraph language is not taken into account here.

If the table contains empty cells that are to be kept together with the previous rows, the table cannot simply be sorted with FrameMaker. In the example below, the table is to be sorted by the ‘Larm’ column:

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Function description

The script sorts table rows; as an option you can include empty cells.

Language-specific sorting orders are thereby taken into consideration
(e.g. Swedish: ‘Ä’ is sorted after Z).

The script does not delete cross-reference markers in the tables during sorting.

Leading quotations, brackets, etc. may be ignored during sorting.

‘Sort cells’ are cells whose column is to be sorted.

‘Sort empty sort cells together with previous row’ means in the example above that the third row is sorted as if its first cell contained the same text as the cell above it.

If the ‘Keep rows together’ option is enabled, empty sort cells will not be wrapped at the end of the page. This can either be accomplished with the option ‘Keep with previous row’ or by using ‘Straddle cells vertically’.

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  • FrameMaker 6.0 or higher
  • FrameScript/ElmScript 4.1 or higher
  • The insertion point must be located in the table to be sorted.


The script does not work with structured documents.

Table columns cannot be sorted with the script.

Warning: Straddled cells will be unstraddled prior to sorting!

See also Sort Paragraphs.

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