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[i]-frame Extended Pack

The ExtendedPack contains scripts for variable management, template development and other special solutions. It contains the following FrameScripts:

Internal link.Insert Condition Tags
Inserts ‘condition tags’ with the name of the conditions into the document.

Internal link.Collect Book Formats
Imports all formats, document settings, master pages and reference pages into one collection document.

Internal link.Report: Paragraph and Char Formats
Creates a report for all paragraph and character formats of a document. In addition, formats that are used in the document but not included in the format catalog will be listed.

Internal link.Report: Element Definitions
Creates a report with focus on the connection between elements and format rules. The context rules will also be listed.

Nachfolgend websiteinterner Link.Report: Colors
Creates a report with all defined colors of a document or all documents of a book.

Internal link.Report: Variable Definitions
Creates a report of the variable definitions of a FrameMaker document or book. Optionally, system variables may be listed in addition to the user variables. In addition, samples of the variables may be inserted in the report (instances of the variable definitions).

Internal link.Transfer Variable Definitions
Transfers variable definitions from a ‘variable table’ to other documents.

Internal link.Import Variable Definitions (XLS/MDB)
Creates variable formats in the current document or all documents of the current book based on the definitions in the data source. The variable definition will be refreshed if the corresponding variable formats already exist in the documents.

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