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Collect Book Formats


Problem description

All formats of all documents of an existing book are to be be collected in a document.

The rationale behind this is the creation of a template (based on the documents), standardization of different formats or the format analysis of all book documents.

Collecting formats manually is possible by importing all respective formats of the individual documents using the FrameMaker format import function. The difficulty here is that FrameMaker cannot take into account whether formats are used or not. Example:

The ‘Product’ variable exists in all documents but it is only used in the title document. Therefore, the editor has changed the variable definition (during a document update) in the title document only.

When the variable definitions (and other formats) from the individual documents are collected, the applicable previous definitions will be overridden during import. The ‘Product’ variable in the collection document then contains the (old) definition from the index document, for example.

Function description

The script imports all formats, document settings, master pages and reference pages into one collection document.

A ‘base document’ is requested here, which serves as the template for the collection document. In particular, the left and right standard pages are imported from this document. A ‘conventional’ standard document should be selected, which means not a title document, for example.

FrameScript Collect Book Formats

The definition of the following formats will be applied in the collection document according to the initial use in a document:

  • Variables
  • Cross-reference formats
  • Paragraph formats (especially their automatic numbering)
  • Table formats
  • Master pages

It is thus ensured to a large extent that the formats in the collection document contain the properties of the object instances that are actually used. By default, the generated collection document will be empty.
Optionally, the document formats can be compared with each other in detail to analyze the format differences (of the individual documents).

FrameScript Collect Book Formats

If you answer Yes to the ‘Compare document formats with each other?’ query which appears after the script is started, the different definitions compared to the ‘base document’ will be listed directly in the collection document. In the current version of the script paragraph and character formats are taken into account:

FrameScript Collect Book Formats

The parentheses in blue contain the respective document number with hyperlink to the document.

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  • FrameMaker 6.0 or higher
  • FrameScript/ElmScript 4.1 or higher


The script works with structured and unstructured documents.

Depending on the requirements, it may make sense to delete all formats that are not used prior to creating a collection document. See Remove Unused Formats.

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