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Insert Condition Tags


Problem description

During the review process (editing, proofreading), which is frequently performed via PDF or hard copy, the identification of conditions is limited.

Although different formatting (color, underline, etc.) can be applied to different conditions, as soon as multiple conditions are applied to text ranges, the individual conditions can no longer be uniquely identified based on formatting (up to FrameMaker 7 magenta is displayed exclusively; beginning with FrameMaker 8 the color components will be mixed and colors will be generated with the prefix ‘fm_gen_’ ).

Identification of applied conditions may also be problematic in FrameMaker: Often, and especially with long condition names, not all assigned conditions can be shown completely in the status bar.

Function description

The script inserts ‘condition tags’ with the name of the conditions into the document.

In the example below, different conditions are assigned to a FrameMaker 8 document:

[i]-frame Insert Condition Tags

The following dialog will be displayed after the script is started:

FrameScript Insert Condition Tags

The script inserts condition tags in the document as follows
(All conditions are shown and condition formats are displayed automatically).

If the ‘Use Prefix Only’ option is enabled, only the text of the condition name to the first underscore will be used.

[i]-frame Insert Condition Tags
  • The condition tags are only inserted at the beginning and during a change of the applied conditions.
  • The condition tags show all conditions that are assigned to the subsequent text.
  • The end tag ‘OFF’ is inserted at the end of a conditioned text.
  • Multiply assigned conditions are separated with a comma in the condition tags.
  • When the ‘Use Prefix Only’ option is enabled, the FrameMaker 8 condition formats to track changes are displayed abbreviated (‘DEL’ and ‘ADD’).

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  • FrameMaker 6.0 or higher
  • FrameScript/ElmScript 4.1 or higher


The script does not work with structured documents.

The condition tags can be removed by starting the script again and enabling the ‘Remove Condition Tags’ option.

Instead of explicitly removing the condition tags, they may simply be hidden by manually disabling the ‘Show All Conditions’ document property.

The condition tags themselves have applied the condition ‘CT_Condition Tag’.

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