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Report: Element Definitions


Problem description

In structured documents it is often difficult for the user and template developer to determine where the formatting of paragraphs and characters is done.

The appearance of formats can be controlled through paragraph and character formats, but also through format rules in the EDD (Element Definition Document). These format rules (FCL: Format Change List) can be named or unnamed.

Since the tasks of the template developer and the creator of the EDD are often not covered by the same person, a gap occurs with regards to the correlation between EDD format rules and FM format definitions.

Problems may occur during the translation process when text that is relevant for translation was defined in the format rules (prefix and auto numbering rules). The EDD is generally not included in the translation process.

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Function description

The script creates a report with focus on the connection between elements and format rules.

The context rules will also be listed (otherwise, the assignment of format rules could not be tracked).

There is an option to assign hyperlinks to the container elements so that jumping from each element to the relevant element in the report is possible.

The number of the different types of format rules is listed at the beginning of the report (paragraph and character formats, format change lists that are named and unnamed).

The elements within relevant groups are listed here. A quick overview and easier navigation (via hyperlink) is thus ensured.

The elements in the report are sorted alphabetically.

The rule type can be determined on the first line of each format rule.


‘¶ FCL:’ Unnamed paragraph format change list

‘¶ FCL Error:’ Named paragraph format change list (‘Error’)

‘¶ Heading_1’ FM paragraph format ‘Heading_1’

‘ƒ FCL:’ Unnamed character format change list

‘ƒ FCL CodeLike:’ Named character format change list (‘CodeLike’)

‘ƒ Emphasis’ FM character format ‘Emphasis’

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Text relevant definitions of the format rules (prefix or auto numbering) will be marked in Red in the report. This text is not specified through the paragraph formats of the document and can lead to problems during the translation process.

The sample column contains sample paragraphs to the extent that the format rules can be visualized in a manner that makes sense. These samples only provide a general indication of the final result because only the applicable format rules of the same line can be assigned. A cumulative formatting of multiple format rules is not possible as a matter of principle.

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  • FrameMaker 6.0 or higher
  • FrameScript/ElmScript 4.1 or higher


The script only works with structured documents.

The report is saved in the document folder (‘_[i]’).

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