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Report: Variable Definitions


Problem description

FrameMaker does not offer the option to create a list of variable definitions of a document or a book.

The change of variables is (up to FrameMaker 8) only possible through the modal variable dialog.

Note: In FrameMaker 9, the dialog to change the variable definition is no longer modal, which means this dialog may remain open while the document is being edited. Nevertheless, editing of variables is complicated here: First, the corresponding variable definition must be selected in the variable ‘Pod’ to be able to edit it in the variable dialog.

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Function description

The script creates a report of the variable definitions of a document or book. Optionally, system variables may be listed in addition to the user variables. In addition, samples of the variables may be inserted in the report (instances of the variable definitions).

The variable name is listed in the left column of the report. The variable definition is inserted as editable text in the second column. The applicable variable is inserted in the optional third column as ‘Sample’.

The system variables are always listed at the beginning of the report.

The variable definitions can be changed directly in the report in the second column ‘Definition’. However, this will not change the actual variable definitions.

The script Transfer Variable Definitions is used to transfer the changed variable definitions to the report document or other documents.

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  • FrameMaker 6.0 or higher
  • FrameScript/ElmScript 4.1 or higher


The script works with structured and unstructured documents.

The report is saved in the document folder (‘_[i]’).

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