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[i]-frame Translation Pack

The Translation Pack optimizes the preparation and post-processing of your foreign language documents in FrameMaker. It contains the following FrameScripts:

Nachfolgend websiteinterner Link.Remove All Conditions
Removes all conditions of the document.

Internal link.Rename Book Components
Permits renaming of all book components based on a unique identifiable string.

Internal link.FM Statistics
Counts all objects that are relevant for translation in the current document or all documents of the current book. Optionally, multiple books or documents (.fm) in subfolders may be included in the search.

Internal link.Change Index Sort Order
Adjusts the entries of the ‘GroupTitleIX’ and ‘SortOrderIX’ paragraphs on the ‘IX’ reference page based on the selected language.

Internal link.Convert: FM to MIF / MIF to FM
Converts the current document, all documents of the current book or all open documents into MIF. Additionally, MIF documents of a folder to be selected can be converted to the FM format.

Internal link.Move Markers for Translation
Moves existing index markers to the beginning of the paragraph, sentence or word in which the marker is located.

Inernal link.OWP Palette
Simplifies the entry and control of special foreign language characters in FrameMaker without having to enable the language in the operating system or the respective virtual keyboard.

Internal link.PDF-Controller (up to FM 7)
Circumvents the FrameMaker routine for generating bookmarks and generates bookmarks with Unicode codepoints via so-called pdfmark commands. The characters of all common code pages are thereby supported.

Internal link.Report: CharList
Creates a list of available characters for one or more fonts.

Internal link.Find Text Overflow
Checks text frames for overflows, words that are hyphenated at the end of a line without hyphen and text lines that extend beyond the graphic container.

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