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PDF Controller (up to FM7)


Problem description

With PDF bookmarks that are generated by FrameMaker prior to Version 8, only foreign language characters from the standard code page 1252 (‘western languages’) will be supported.

Function description

The script works around the FrameMaker routine for bookmark generation and generates bookmarks through so-called pdfmark commands. The characters of all common code pages are thereby supported.

Since FrameMaker can generate correct Unicode bookmarks since Version 8, the further development of the script has been discontinued. With the installation of [i]-frame the script will only be enabled with FrameMaker 7 and earlier versions.

Detailed information about the script is available in the PDF-Controller_EN.chm help file.
This file is located in the ‘[i]-frame\Translation Pack’ folder and can be started in the PDF Controller dialog using the button ‘[ ?]’ .

The script supports the following functions in addition to generating Unicode bookmarks:

  • A variety of settings to display the PDF documents that are not available in FrameMaker itself (e.g.display mode, page layout, Acrobat window options, etc.)
  • PDF settings that are not supported until FrameMaker 7.0 (such as start page and magnification factor) also for FrameMaker 6.0
  • Inserting all (Unicode) characters into the document information (DocInfo)
  • Use of FM variables in the document information (DocInfo)
  • Apply color and style to bookmarks depending on the bookmark level
  • Page transition effects on the first page or on all pages of the PDF document
  • Transfer of the logical FrameMaker page numbers including chapter numbers to the PDF documents
  • When generating separate PDF documents from all book components, the script can enter bookmarks from all book components into all PDF documents. This enables the navigation of associated PDF documents using the Acrobat Navigation panels even beyond PDF document limits.

The following screenshots show the Settings dialog of the script:

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  • FrameMaker 6 or 7.x
  • FrameScript/ElmScript 4.1 or higher


The script does not work with structured documents.

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