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Privacy Policy Statement

Thank you for your interest in our website and in our company. Our website contains links to third-party websites. Although we choose these links carefully, itl accepts no liability for the content on these pages.

itl takes particular care to protect your personal data from your visit to this site in terms of collection, processing and use. Your data is protected in accordance with legal requirements. Information is provided below about the information that is collected when you visit our website and how this is used:

1. Collection and Processing of Data

We log all visits to our website and all accesses to files stored on the site. We store this information for the purpose of internal system administration and to help us gather statistical data. The following information is logged: Name of file accessed, date and time of access, amount of data transferred, confirmation of access, the web browser used and your domain.

Your IP address is also logged.

We only store other personal data with your permission, for example, if you submit a request for a quotation or a registration form.

2. Use and Sharing of Collected Personal Data

We only use the information you share with us to process your inquiries, to execute orders and for technical administration. 

We will only share your personal data with a third party if this is essential for order processing (in particular, if we need to forward your purchase order data to a vendor), for billing purposes, or if you have expressly given us permission to do so. You may retract this permission at any point with immediate effect for future processing. 

We will delete the personal information we have stored if you retract your permission for us to do so, if we no longer require the information for the purpose for which it was intended, or if we are not permitted to store it for any legal reason.

3. Right of Access to Personal Data

If you wish to know which personal information we have stored, please request this information in writing and we will be pleased to provide the details.

Data Security

We make every effort, in terms of our technical and organizational procedures, to prevent unauthorized access by third parties to your personal data. If you communicate with us via e-mail, we cannot guarantee complete security. We therefore recommend that you send any confidential information to us by standard mail.