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Sitemap for [i]-frame Site of itl AG

  1. FolderFeature description Features of the [i]-frame FrameScript solution
    1. Folder[i]-frame modules Information on the [i]-frame modules
      1. FolderBase Pack Information about the [i]-frame "Base Pack" with scripts, that make general tasks with FrameMaker easier.
        1. PageSort Paragraph Sections Sorts a document or a selected range alphabetically based on a selected paragraph format.
        2. PageOpen All Files in Book Opens all documents of a book without showing the individual error messages concerning missing fonts, graphics etc. Only one final message containing all errors that occurred will be displayed.
        3. PageDocTOC Inserts or updates one or more (document) tables of contents in the current document (or in all book documents).
        4. PageOpen Doc Folder Opens the folder of the current document or book in Windows Explorer.
        5. PageGo to Page The script permits direct switching to a certain page of a book from any document or book window.
        6. PageScale Graphics Allows additional functions for scaling graphics. The script can be used to adjust the graphic to the frame or the frame to the graphic. Alternatively, you can specify the width or height of the graphic. The script also permits the automatic adjustment of the graphic to the frame during import.
        7. PageMulti Catalog A variety of format lists are consolidated in a (non-modal) space-saving dialog so that a comfortable assignment of paragraph and character formats is available as well as settings for variables and page breaks.
        8. PageTable Navigation Permits navigation in tables using the arrow keys, a function that FrameMaker itself does not offer.
        9. PagePack & Go Facilitates the archiving/copying of the current document or book with all reference files (graphics/text insets).
        10. PageSort Table Rows Sorts table rows; as an option you can include empty cells. Language-specific sorting orders are thereby taken into consideration The script does not delete cross-reference markers in the tables.
      2. FolderQuality Pack Information about the [i]-frame Quality Pack for supporting quality assurance tasks of documents and books with many useful reporting functions that help you to create "clean" documents.
        1. PageParagraph Format Overrides Shows the format overrides of the current paragraph in a dialog. When the OK button is pressed, the next paragraph that contains a format override will be displayed.
        2. PageRemove Conditions The script makes possible the deleting of selected conditions or the converting into non-conditional text in all documents of a book.
        3. PageReplace Colors The script can be used to globally replace colors with other colors. You can specify which type of objects shall be changed on which page type. All colors that are not being used can also be deleted if desired.
        4. PageDelete Empty Textlines  Deletes all empty (graphic) text lines in the current document or all documents of the current book.
        5. PageMove New Marker Moves index markers – immediately after their insertion – to the beginning of the sentence.
        6. PageRemove Unused Formats Deletes all unused formats and master pages of the current document or all documents of the current book.
        7. PageReport: Condition Formats Checks the current document or all documents of the current book for conditions that are used, their settings and their uniformity.
        8. PageReport: Format Overrides Lists format overrides of the current document or all documents of the current book.
        9. PageReport: References Checks all referenced files (graphics and text insets) for their presence in the file system.
        10. PageReport: Pagination & Numbering Generates a report with the pagination & numbering settings of all book components. Incorrect settings in the documents or book components can thus be recognized easily.
        11. PageReport: Tables Creates a report with hyperlinks to all tables in the document.
        12. PageReport: Unanchored Frames  Creates a report with all unanchored graphic objects of a document or book.
        13. PageReport: Font Usage Lists the fonts used, grouped by object type. Font styles (e.g. bold, italic) are not taken into account by the script.
        14. PageReport: Master Pages Report: Master Page Usage Creates a report for the master pages that are used. Either an index or a list can thereby be generated.
      3. FolderExtended Pack Information about the [i]-frame "Extended Pack" with scripts for variable management, template development and other special solutions.
        1. PageInsert Condition Tags Inserts ‘condition tags’ with the name of the conditions into the document.
        2. PageCollect Book Formats Imports all formats, document settings, master pages and reference pages into one collection document.
        3. PageReport: Paragraph and Char Formats Creates a report for all paragraph and character formats of a document. In addition, formats that are used in the document but not included in the format catalog will be listed (e.g.‘New Paragraph Formats’).
        4. PageReport: Element Definitions Creates a report with focus on the connection between elements and format rules. The context rules will also be listed
        5. PageReport: Colors Creates a report with all defined colors of a document or all documents of a book.
        6. PageReport: Variable Definitions Creates a report of the variable definitions of a FrameMaker document or book. Optionally, system variables may be listed in addition to the user variables. In addition, samples of the variables may be inserted in the report (instances of the variable definitions).
        7. PageTransfer Variable Definitions Transfers variable definitions from a ‘variable table’ to other documents.
        8. PageImport Variable Definitions (XLS) Creates variable formats in the current document or all documents of the current book based on the definitions in the data source. The variable definition will be refreshed if the corresponding variable formats already exist in the documents.
      4. FolderTranslation Pack Information about the [i]-frame "Translation Pack" with scripts for optimizing the preparation and post-processing of your foreign language documents in FrameMaker.
        1. PageRename Book Components Permits renaming of all book components based on a unique identifiable string.
        2. PageFM Statistics Counts all objects that are relevant for translation in the current document or all documents of the current book. Optionally, multiple books or documents (.fm) in subfolders may be included in the search.
        3. PageIndex Sort Order Adjusts the entries of the ‘GroupTitleIX’ and ‘SortOrderIX’ paragraphs on the ‘IX’ reference page based on the selected language.
        4. PageFM2MIF2FM Converts the current document, all documents of the current book or all open documents into MIF.
        5. PageMove Markers Moves existing index markers to the beginning of the paragraph, sentence or word in which the marker is located.
        6. PageOWP Palette Simplifies the entry and control of special foreign language characters in FrameMaker without having to enable the language in the operating system or the respective virtual keyboard.
        7. PagePDF-Controller Circumvents the FrameMaker routine for bookmark generation and generates bookmarks through so-called pdfmark commands. The characters of all common code pages are thereby supported.
        8. PageReport: CharList Creates a list of available characters for one or more fonts.
        9. PageFind Text Overflow Checks text frames for overflows, words that are hyphenated at the end of a line without hyphen and text lines that extend beyond the graphic container.
    2. FolderFree scripts Information about the free of charge itl scripts
      1. PageCompare Paragraph Formats Shows the differences between two selected paragraph formats of the current document.
      2. PageSelect Anchor Marks the anchor of the selected object. These may be anchored frames, tables, footnotes or any other objects within these objects.
      3. PageRefresh Display Restores the display update when another script was interrupted by the user or due to a script error.
      4. PageEnable Asian Commands Enables the dialog for the configuration of combined fonts in the current document (and also the ‘Rubi Properties’ dialog).
      5. PageAsk when Opening Backup Documents When opening a backup document, the script prompts whether this is intentional.
      6. PageTile Book Windows If a book is open, the script will pull it to the front (in front of all document windows). When multiple books are open, the book windows are brought to the front and arranged side-by-side.
      7. PageBook of Text Insets Creates a new temporary book that contains all text insets of the current document or all documents of the current book.
      8. PageSearch Document in Book After a document name (or part of a name) has been entered, the script will select the corresponding book component in the book window.
      9. PageSet Doc Position Uniformly adapts the position and size of the current book window and all document windows of this book using the settings specified by the user.
      10. PageOpen FM Console Opens the ‘consfile.txt’ log file with the program that is assigned to the ‘.txt’ file type.
      11. PageTransfer Graphic Properties Transfers the graphic properties of the selected object to one or more other objects.
      12. PageIn Book Window, Display Full Doc Path Enables the display of the complete file path in the book window.
      13. PageIn Book Window, Display File Name Only Enables the display of the file name without path in the book window.
      14. PageIn Window Title, Display File Name Only Displays only the document name instead of the entire path in the window title of the documents.
      15. PageOpen Configuration File fscript.ini Opens the ‘fscript.ini’ configuration file with the program that has been assigned to the ‘.ini’ file type.
      16. PageOpen Configuration File maker.ini Opens the ‘maker.ini’ configuration file with the program that has been assigned to the ‘.ini’ file type.
      17. PageTurn Runaround Off for All Graphics Removes the runaround for all imported graphics in the current document or all documents of the current book.
      18. PageConvert Character Formatting to Tags Replaces direct formatting with the corresponding named character formats (e.g.‘Superscript’) and includes them in the character format catalog.
      19. PageAlign Side Heads Corrects the alignment of the side head paragraphs depending on the page alignment (left/right).
      20. PageMetrics Palette The script displays the position and size of the selected object in a non-modal dialog.
      21. PageNew Document (1-Click) Creates a new document without displaying the ‘Portrait, Landscape or Custom’ dialog.
      22. PageGroup Plug-in Menus Moves the plugin menus into their own ‘Plugins’ menu.
      23. PageReport: Paragraph Format Overrides Lists format overrides of the current document or all documents of the current book.
      24. PageReport: FM Commands Creates a report of all commands that are available in the current FrameMaker environment at runtime.
      25. PageHide Font Menus Removes the ‘Font’ menu from the ‘Format’ menu and all context menus.
      26. PageChange Default Pgf Format for Text Frames Permits the automatic application of a defined paragraph format to the first paragraph of a newly created text frame.
      27. PageCount Table Rows Shows the number of header rows, body rows, footer rows and columns of the current table.
      28. PageGet Template Version Shows the template version of the current document or all documents of the current book.
      29. PageConvert Char Code Displays the decimal and hexadecimal value of a character in a non-modal dialog (Windows and FrameRoman encoding) and vice versa.
      30. PageRemove Char Tags Removes the selected or all applied character formats from the current document or all documents of the current book.
      31. PageInsert Line Counter Inserts line counters in a separate text frame in the current document.
    3. PageSystem requirements Information about the sytem requirements in order to run the FrameScripts.
    4. PageOrdering Information about ordering and pricing for [i]-frame.
    5. PageDemo version Information about the [i]-frame demo.
  2. PageBenefits Information on the automation potential with [i]-frame
  3. PageAdditional products Information on additional itl products
  4. FolderCompany Information on itl and its business areas, fullservice provider for technical documentation
    1. FolderLocations itl locations
      1. Pageitl AG (Main Office Munich) Contacts at itl AG Munich are Christine Wallin-Felkner, Dieter Gust, Peter Kreitmeier, Regine Ceglarek, Peter Behnke, Ulrich Schmidt.
      2. Pageitl AG /Center Stuttgart Contact at itl AG Stuttgart
      3. Pageitl Technology Center (Cottbus) Your contact for itl Technologiezentrum GmbH
      4. Pageitl GmbH (Austria Vienna) Your contact at itl GmbH in Vienna
      5. Pageitl GmbH (Austria Graz) Your contact at itl GmbH in Graz
      6. Pageitl GmbH (Austria Linz) Your contact at itl GmbH in Linz
      7. Pageitl AG Switzerland Your contact at itl in Switzerland
    2. FolderCompany profile Information about itl
      1. PageCompany philosophy itl's company philosophy
      2. PageFacts & Figures itl: facts and figures
      3. PageSectors Information about itl and the industries to which its customers belong
      4. PageCompany history itl company history
      5. PageSocial responsibility itl's social responsibility